Erreichte Phase:   Normal
Teilnahme:   2013
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In small rooms, in the shadows as in light she blossoms out, the Goddes, la Déesse. With quotes, with one eye in the 80s and one in the modern times she glares bright and throws a flickering light into the human abyss. Four boys in black elude the retrorock, electroclash and the synthpop. They follow their inside, which always leads them to the border of fortune. But not the escape from reality is their aim, but the search for the lust for live within the dark angles of the soul.

The four-headed Zürich-based combo Déesse works on their very own interpretation of dejection and weltschmerz continously. Distand mourning, distorted guitars and soft synthzones meet here a thoughtful driving rhythm section consisting of contrabass and minimalistic-percussive drumplay. The dark, mourning voice of the singer tells about loss, outage and uprising. Of the search for and the possibility of love, of desire.

Influenced by the 80′s and raw punk, a night of love with David Bowie, Ian Curtis and Chris Isaak can be found here. Disco balls, neon lamps and wafts of mist. Craving and addiction. Déesse achieves the balancing act between their musical roots and modernity in a playful way.